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Property Management

Created to provide a professional alternative to home owners who want to lease their property without the associated aspects of self-managing, like finding the right tenants, monitoring timely rent payments, managing vendor relationships and maintenance work orders, and staying in compliance with housing regulations and property laws.

Over our military career, we worked with some good and some not so good property management companies. The better ones understood the importance of good and timely communication, all the while considering our different time zones and need for online portals to manage our personal affairs from afar. They also understood the importance of coordinating scheduled visits to our properties, since sometimes it was years before we could travel back to provide some oversight of our own. The better ones also kept their mark-ups to a minimum for work performed on our properties.

We have taken the lessons learned over a 20+ year journey of working with different property management companies, to develop the processes we have today to provide the best customer service and maximize profitability for our clients.

• We increase the chance of good outcomes by the securing criminal background and security checks, running credit reports, verifying employment, and collecting previous landlord references for all applications.

• We have an online portal so that tenants and owners can access pertinent information 24/7

• We are very diligent to work with professional small business contractors who have low overhead and we pass those cost savings onto our clients.

• We are small by choice! We have capped the number of homes we manage at one time so that we can provide individual attention to both tenants and business owners. You will not have to battle with a phone tree to get the assistance you need! We strongly disliked spending valuable time navigating automated phone menus to then end up on eternal hold. We are sure you can relate!