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Do you need a realtor when buying new construction?

Someone asked me if it’s necessary to hire a real estate agent when buying new construction since the builders already have sale associates. My answer: No, it’s not necessary but it is advantageous at no cost to the buyer.
The advantage in having a savvy real estate agent is that the agent has relationships with different builders and understands the different inventory, rebates, and sales timeliness and can advice on the different builder options. Each builder is proud of their brand but will rarely provide you information about a competing brand. THE KEY is that a BUYER NEVER PAYS commission. The realtor’s commission is paid by the builder and has no bearing on the purchase price or terms of a home. Misconception is that without a realtor you can save money but not that case. So it’s best to have one and have the advantage of some guidance and advice during the process AT NO COST TO THE BUYER.

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